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[bluetooth-dev] Bug in hci_inquiry()?

It seems there is a bug in hci_inquiry(). When this function is invoked, one argument is num_resp, an u8 containing the max number of inquiry responses. Then, inq_res is allocated this way:

         inq_res = (inquiry_results*) kmalloc(sizeof(inquiry_results)
                                              + 6 * num_resp, GFP_ATOMIC);

Then, num_resp is assigned to the Num_Responses field of the HCI command packet (c_pkt.data[4] = num_resp).

According the Bluetooth specs v1.0b, page 543, the Num_Responses field can be 0: it means "unlimited number of responses". If hci_inquiry() is invoked with num_resp=0, no memory is allocated for storing the BD addresses of the devices which responded, 
but an unlimited number of responses can be returned. This can lead to unpleasant results. Probably, memory should be allocated for 255 BD addresses in that case (since, according the Inquiry_Complete event at page 706, the number of responses takes one 
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