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[bluetooth-dev] WHAT IS GOING ON HERE????

good morning, afternoon, or evening


hope everyone is doing good, i am good, but a little tired!

anyways, here is something that i noticed...

now, when i run the ./btd --reset --cmdmode --client, this is what i have
noticed (by the way all i am trying to do is send data back and forth from one
bluetooth module to another) by looking at the code:

after i have a client and server running i use the client to open an rf_conn
channel with my server module by using the bd_addr server chanel, and line as
parameters, and what happens is an ioctl command is excuted and it is able to
connect (so that part is fine), NOW, when i want to send data over the rfcomm
chanel (mind you that HCI, L2CAP, HCI, and RFCOMM have all been initialized -
that is the protocol layers each now that they ready) and i noticed that when
the function rfcomm_send_data is executed the dlci is hard coded as 2, but when
i look into the macros in rfcomm.h and in the rfcomm.c files is noticed that an
error is returned "Not Allowed to send data on DLCI 0"...hmmm, what is going

the dlci is hardcoded so we aren't sending it anything, and when i do an
inquiry it finds the second bluetooth module (i.e. its bd_addr) and what line to
use as well....so what is going on here????

or do you have to be in user space to run these commands (i am just shooting at
stars here), i have no idea how to get rid of this error!!!


Sami Kibria
TRLabs - Winnipeg, Manitoba. CANADA
email: skibria@xxxxxxx.ca

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