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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Re: about bluetooth

hey david...

you're right, i guess i wasn't really thinking about it that way, in terms of


On Wed, 07 Mar 2001, david LIBAULT wrote:
> The problem of the distribution is not related to the ability of the stack to 
> run, but to the possibility to build it with no effort (i.e. with little 
> effort, the stack runs fine on my mandrake 7.2, and ran on my debian). A 
> binary version of the stack would work on any distribution.
> Note that I am using linux on an embedded ARM processor with kernel 2.4 (no 
> Red hat or Mandrake or debian distribution).
> >
> > i think that is all i know right now...
> >
> > talk to you soon
Sami Kibria
TRLabs - Winnipeg, Manitoba. CANADA
email: skibria@xxxxxxx.ca

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