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Re: [bluetooth-dev] btduser: hci receive error with 115200 !

Gordon McNutt wrote:
> One suggestion: If you're using a release tarball make sure the P9A macro is
> defined properly. If you're using CVS this macro has been changed to be
I am using the code from the cvs. While starting the stack I got the hw
revision like this:

Ericsson HW revision info:
 Generated: 2000-04-28 15:54
 Comment: CXC 125 244 P9A

That means I have firmware version P9A and therefore
CONFIG_BLUETOOTH_SET_BAUDRATE_BLOCKING must not be defined (default in
cvs). I think that is not my problem ???

> Another suggestion: this is related to my recent email about syncing. If you
> modify hci.c hci_receive_data() to simply return when it gets bad uart data
> then your stack might successfully resync on the next buffer from the uart &
> proceed ok from there after a command timeout.
I put your resyncing code into hci.c. It seems to be a good idea, but
its a bit dangerous to increase the buffer pointer again ang again
without any boundary checking !

In the end it did not help ! I though that changing the baudrate was
already solved since a long time. Do you have any further idea ? What
debug information might be helpful ?

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