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Re: [bluetooth-dev] segmentaion fault: btd in usermode

Mattias Ågren wrote:
> >
> > > Regarding your seg fault, are you using the latest code on the CVS ?
> > Yes, i updated this morning ! .. and enabled really all
> > debugging output
> > !
> Well, then it must be the rfcomm_con pointer that is invalid since line in rfcomm_con struct is
> a byte. I think this was due to that you tried to connect control channel first and when it failed to
> to connect the rfcomm_con pointer was never set, never do this manually !

Ok, I tried it, I only connected dlci 2 from the client side manually
(see below).
Have you tried enabling all debugging options with the actual cvs
version ?

Server :


client :
   'rf_conn <address of server> 2 0'

Things are starting  and then seg fault again, same situation:

hci_receive_data,  (19)
   0x7d 0x26 0xad 0x7d 0x3a 0x5d 0x52 0x7d 0x27 0x7d 0x22 0x7d 0x28 0x7d
0x22 0x2a
   0x9c 0x7e 0x65
hci_receive_data, hci-19
HCI: hci_receive_data, WAIT_FOR_ACL_DATA
HCI: hci_receive_data, in_buf->count = 54
HCI: hci_receive_data, Copied 19 bytes into inbuffer
HCI: process_acl_data, in_buf->count:54, in_buf->l2cap_len:0
Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
[Switching to Thread 1026 (LWP 1557)]
0x804ba44 in bt_receive_top (rfcomm=0x30004,
    data=0x806d1f3 "~˙}#Ā!}!}!} }4}\"}&} } } }
}%}&­}:]R}'}\"}(}\"*\234~e", len=46)
    at btd.c:2248
2248      BT_DATA("   |X|--> %3d [%d]\n", len, rfcomm->line);

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