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[bluetooth-dev] Is Axis stack sensitive to delays


the axis stack (20000814) works with the following config:

PC1/Linux === PC/Windows/Digianswer <---> PC/Windows/Digianswer ===

We are able to iniate a connection request from PC1 and the connection
is well established.

If we replace PC2 by a custom FADS board, PC1 hangs during connection
establishment. But the HCI commands/responses exchanged are similar 
(equal) to the first case where it work. Can a different timing make
PC1 hanging (see below):

> con 00:50:CD:00:06:41 0
Connecting to bd: 00:50:CD:00:06:41
using profile: 0
-> connect_profile

And it hangs. I tried to debug it: in bt_create_connection,
is first called. Then we wait in interruptible_sleep_on but it never

The working configuration has the same problem with version
20010108 and 20001031 of the stack.

Any suggestion is welcome.

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