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[bluetooth-dev] commercial virtual serial device driver for windows

Dear all,

Sorry if it is not the right place for this kind of question.

We're making Bluetooth USB device driver for MS Windows including the
Bluetooth protocol stacks.

Unfortunately we do not know how to make virtual serial device driver and
are seeking for commercial/shared/free sources of virtual serial device
driver for MS Windows.

Can anybody let me know the contact point please?

Best Regards,
Chang Hyeoungkyu

Chang Hyeoungkyu / Team Leader  Mobile: 016-446-4988
Internet Technology Team        http://home.hanmir.com/~taeryun/
BLUE'cord Technology            E-mail: chk@xxxxxxx.kr
59-4 Whaam, Yusong              Tel: + 82 42 601 4571
Taejon, 305-348, Korea          Fax: + 82 42 601 4599

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