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[bluetooth-dev] from psg engg college students

Hello sir,
             In implementing the bluetooth stack
without hardware we are facing the problem in
connecting  with the server from client when we do the
following the procedure.
              Compile the module with the define
HCI_EMULATION (btconfig.h) defined.
 Then connect to Linux PC with a null modem cabel, and
start the btd application as server as one side and
btd as client on the other side.

Server side:1.start btd with the option btd -e 0 -i
Client side:1. start btd with the option
              btd -r client -e 0 -i o_hw
            2. Connect to the serverside by doing
 connect 11:22:33:44:55:66 0 (actually the bd address
does not matter in  this case)
   We are unable to connect after doing above
procedure.Please kindly help us regarding this.   

Thank you

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