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Re: [bluetooth-dev] from psg engg college students

sunilgavaskar subramanian wrote:

> Hello sir,
>              In implementing the bluetooth stack
> without hardware we are facing the problem in
> connecting  with the server from client when we do the
> following the procedure.
>               Compile the module with the define
> HCI_EMULATION (btconfig.h) defined.
>  Then connect to Linux PC with a null modem cabel, and
> start the btd application as server as one side and
> btd as client on the other side.
> Server side:1.start btd with the option btd -e 0 -i
> _hw
> Client side:1. start btd with the option
>               btd -r client -e 0 -i o_hw
>             2. Connect to the serverside by doing
>  connect 11:22:33:44:55:66 0 (actually the bd address
> does not matter in  this case)
>    We are unable to connect after doing above
> procedure.Please kindly help us regarding this.

Stack version? Debug trace?


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