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Re: [bluetooth-dev] patch: more big endian changes

Hi Gordon and others,

I check the current CVS version with all todays modifications. It seems
to be OK !!!
I only have problem when using kernel mode .... hci fsm gets out of sync
... discarding data etc ...
I also got this message:

process_return_param, ROLE_DISCOVERY: BT SYS: ERROR
:process_return_param, ROLE_DISCOVERY: Unknown HCI Command  

Is role discovery essential for setting up connections (rfcomm) ? I
think this HCI command is not supported by P9A firmware :-(

Can anybody else test the BE stuff in kernel mode ? Is there anybody
else using a BIG ENDIAN system with a more recent firmware version ????  


Gordon McNutt wrote:
> Done.
> Thanks, Matthias.
> It's good to finally get this all in CVS.
> Can you check and make sure everything applied OK?
> --gmcnutt

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