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Re: [bluetooth-dev] commercial virtual serial device driver for windows

Dear Mr. Greg,

Thank you very much for your kind help.

> > We're making Bluetooth USB device driver for MS Windows including the
> > Bluetooth protocol stacks.
> Is there a problem with the currently available MS USB Bluetooth drivers
> that does not work for you?

Currently I don't know how to get MS USB Bluetooth drivers. :(
We're making our own Bluetooth USB device driver for Win 98/2000.
Sorry for my ignorance.

> > Unfortunately we do not know how to make virtual serial device driver
> > are seeking for commercial/shared/free sources of virtual serial device
> > driver for MS Windows.
> >
> > Can anybody let me know the contact point please?
> MS used to provide the source code for their Generic USB to Serial
> converter driver (search for OPOS USB driver) on their web page, but
> looks like they have pulled it.  Other than that, check the DDK for
> examples of how to do this (I think it's somewhere in there.)

I've found posusb.exe at http://www.usb.org/forums/developers/webboard.html
It is exactly what I'm seeking for. Thank you very much again.

Best Regards,
Chang Hyeoungkyu

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