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RE: [bluetooth-dev]

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> From: Alexander Gordon (QIC) [mailto:Alexander.Gordon@xxxxxxx.se]
> Sent: 13 March 2001 09:55
> To: 'bluetooth-dev@xxxxxxx.com'
> Subject: [bluetooth-dev] 
> Hello!
> I have tried to intall the latest stack (2001-01-08) on the 
> Axis Etrax 100 devboard.
> Unfortunately it was not successful...
> This is how i did:
> replaced the files in 
> 	~/axis/elinux/drivers/char/bluetooth
> 	~/axis/elinux/include/linux/bluetooth
> with the new ones
> ...and recompiled the kernel, build the image files and so on.
> I also run the lates btd on the devboard.
> I tried to connect via a PC running RH 6.2 with the latest 
> (2001-01-08) stack.
> What have I done wrong, have I forgot something, could 
> somebody tell me?!

Please provide logs etc to indicate what is going wrong.

> It works fine with the older 2000-10-31 stack on the PC and 
> the devboard
> Best regards
> /Alexander Gordon

You could also try with the latest code in CVS which should have
a number of problems solved since the January 8th release.

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