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RE: [bluetooth-dev] [Bluetooth/PAN] Bluetooth Card

> Hi, 
> I search cards for Bluetooth's connection between two Pcs on Linux.
> I use Axis stack and i search compliant cards. 
> If my understanding is good i can't use PCMCIA card.
> Have you find solutions for use it ?
> 	Tanks for your help
>         	        Tony

not yet... but take a look on this article on digianswers site (or below) : 


Linux Driver Support - Help us to help you
By Antony C. Roberts, Digianswer

Here at Digianswer, we would like to provide hardware support for our devices on Linux. As our hardware interface is strictly confidential, driver support will be on a binary-only basis. The source-code will, under no circumstances, be freely available. 

The goal is to enable customers to run on open source stacks such as those sponsored by Axis and IBM (Blue Drekar). 

I am currently personally undertaking this goal on a low-priority basis and am hereby requesting help. I am an experienced Windows and Solaris device driver developer but I think I can more effectively achieve my goal with help from experienced Linux PCMCIA driver developers, especially as the kind of time I can dedicate to this project is very limited. 

For initial development purposes, the target platform is RedHat 7.0 and the target itself is a PCMCIA client driver. 

I have already started on the development and have made a skeleton driver that currently does nothing more than attach. 

I would like to start by appleaing for pointers to relevant resources, such as good documentation on the Linux PCMCIA initialization process and source code to similar drivers - the Digianswer PCMCIA devices use the Analog Devices ADSP 1801, so the ideal goal would be a driver for a device which also uses this DSP. 

If you can help, please contact me at acr@xxxxxxx.com">news://news.digianswer.com 


Mattias Ågren, 
AXIS Communications AB

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