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Re: [bluetooth-dev] it's so big

Peter Kjellerstedt wrote:

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> > From: Gordon McNutt [mailto:gmcnutt@xxxxxxx.com]
> > Sent: 13 March 2001 14:22
> > To: bluetooth-dev@xxxxxxx.com
> > Subject: [bluetooth-dev] it's so big
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> > I recently cross-compiled the stack for ARM and it churned out a
> > whopping 100K. Granted, this is better than the 250K that it used
> > to be before someone kindly tuned down the HCI buffers, but it
> > still comprises about 20% of my total kernel size.
> I assume this is with all Bluetooth debug off?

Good point. With all debug off I drop 10K to end up with 90K (~18% of the
total kernel). I also have proc config'd off. Still kinda hefty.

Hm... I just checked BlueDrekar and it sits at 143K (compiled for x86 &
not counting their lib & user space stuff) so at least we're competitive.
Still, for embedded devices I'd prefer the option of something smaller.
Probably other people would, too.

> The problem is do define which features belong to the different
> sets of features in the stack. And which should be possible to
> turn on/off.

Sure. One thing that stands out in my mind is the metric ton of
HCI commands which we could implement if we want them all. hci.c is the
biggest at 32K, and I don't think we have all the commands in there yet.
At one point I fantasized about having a config for each. But that's
probably insane.

I'll poke around a bit in the next two biggest, rfcomm (20K) and l2cap
(18752). After these bluetooth.o is 12K and the rest are piddly.

One thing I did do in my local copy is make TCS (and hence SCO support)
removable. This might be amenable to other folks, maybe?


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