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Re: [bluetooth-dev] No inbuffer with hci_hdl 256

Matthias Fuchs wrote:

> Hi,
> I got this message on my big endian system after trying to setup an
> rfcomm connection:
> BT SYS: ERROR :get_inbuffer, WARNING! No inbuffer with hci_hdl 256
> This seems to be a problem with the big endian support. The hci_hdl
> seems to be  swapped, that means normally the hci_hdl should be 1 and
> not '1 << 8'. While looking at the code in hci.c, I did not find the
> error. Does anybody else do ?

I've stared for a while and see nothing amiss.
And I don't have a big-endian system to test this.
What does the packet look like?
Is it possible you're seeing a UART error instead (like a dropped byte)?


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