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[bluetooth-dev] bug in inquiry result handler?

In process_event(), about line 624 of hci.c (CVS version), I think the
code expects the wrong packet format.

For multiple responses the code expects this layout (I'll use two
responses as an example):

buf[0]     = Num_Responses
buf[1-6]   = BD_ADDR[0]
buf[7]     = Page_Scan_Repitition_Mode[0]
buf[8]     = Page_Scan_Period_Mode[0]
buf[9]     = Page_Scan_Mode[0]
buf[10-12] = Class_Of_Device[0]
buf[13]    = Clock_Offset[0]
buf[14-19]    = BD_ADDR[1]
buf[20]     = Page_Scan_Repitition_Mode[1]
buf[21]     = Page_Scan_Period_Mode[1]
buf[22]     = Page_Scan_Mode[1]
buf[23-25] = Class_Of_Device[1]
buf[26]    = Clock_Offset[0]

But the spec seems to suggest this layout:

buf[0]     = Num_Responses
buf[1-6]   = BD_ADDR[0]
buf[7-12] = BD_ADDR[1]
buf[13]     = Page_Scan_Repitition_Mode[0]
buf[14]     = Page_Scan_Repitition_Mode[1]
buf[15]     = Page_Scan_Period_Mode[0]
buf[16]     = Page_Scan_Period_Mode[1]
buf[17]     = Page_Scan_Mode[0]
buf[18]     = Page_Scan_Mode[1]
buf[19-21] = Class_Of_Device[0]
buf[22-24] = Class_Of_Device[1]
buf[25]    = Clock_Offset[0]
buf[26]    = Clock_Offset[1]

Does anyone know which is correct?


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