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Re: [bluetooth-dev] software for Bluetooth PCMCIA

> Marcus Palm wrote:
> > HI!
> >
> > I have a bluetooth pcmcia card from IBM / MOTOROLA and I'm looking for
> > a driver so I can get it to work in Linux. If I understand correctly the
> > axis stack doesen't support PCMCIA. I'm happy for every tip I can get...
> >
> Does this mean you'll try to write PCMCIA support in? That's great! You
> can start by looking at bluetooth.c. That's where the module interfaces
> to the lower level driver. In the case of the UART bluetooth works by
> implementing a line discipline for the serial driver. I don't know what
> USB does, and I'm not sure how to interface to PCMCIA. And I don't have
> hardware. But other than that I'll help out however I can ;).
> --gmcnutt

The IBM/Motorola Bluetooth PCMCIA cards were developed by Digianswer.
Digianswer is soliciting help to develop drivers for the Mark II cards.
look at the archives of this list, Mattias already posted a link it.
([Bluetooth/PAN] Bluetooth Card)

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