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Re: [bluetooth-dev] big vs little endian

Hi Joel,

nice to hear that someone else is using the stack on a big endian system
:-) I applied a lot of BE changes on the stack in the last days. They
are all in the CVS. You should check out the current version. HCI,L2CAP
and RFCOMM should be ok for BE systems. I haven't cheked SDP for now. I
tested the stack between a PC and a PowerPC system. The only problems I
have seem to be caused by my old firmware inside my Bluetooth modules. I
can do PPP over RFCOMM when the stack on the BE system is running in
user mode.

It is possible that I missed some changes. So please, test ... test ...
test it.
Joel Smith wrote:
> Hello, I'm trying to port the kernel driver a pieces of btd to a big endian
> platform.  I was wondering if others have run the axis stack on big endian
> hardware.  I noticed some big->little endian conversions in l2capp.c.  Are there
> any others that I'll need to address for the stack to work?
> Later,

Have you tested the current version ?

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