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Re: [bluetooth-dev] how to "connect" to slaves?

> Hi all,
> I want to send data from one slave to another slave of the same piconet.
> How can I do that?
> There are two slaves connected to one master.  A slave wants to send one
> package to the other slave.  Is this possible?  Which are the steps?
> I'm  using the axis bluetooth stack for Linux.  Any suggestions from the
> people who use it?

> Thank you very much,


as far as I understood the BT specs, two slaves cannot communicate with

The master polls the slaves in his piconet in the even (odd?) timeslots and
a polled client can respond in the odd (even? ;-) ) slot.

If a slave had not been adressed by the master, he is not allowed to send.

To establish a comm between two slaves you would have to set up a new
piconet with one of the slaves as master.

While being in two piconets, the devices have to go into hold or park mode
in one of them to be able to adjust the clock offset to the new master.

anyway, i would like to know, how far the stack actually supports these
functionalities. Especially master/slave switch.



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