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Re: [bluetooth-dev] big vs little endian

Hi Matthias,
I grabbed a tar-ball off of developer.axis.com some time ago.  I'll get the
latest from CVS and test it out.  I assume you were running the axis stack on
both ends?  (On the PC and on the PowerPC?)  Are there defines to set the
endianness of a machine, or does it autodetect?  I'll let you know how it goes.

Quoting Matthias Fuchs <matthias.fuchs@xxxxxxx.com>:

> Hi Joel,
> nice to hear that someone else is using the stack on a big endian system
> :-) I applied a lot of BE changes on the stack in the last days. They
> are all in the CVS. You should check out the current version. HCI,L2CAP
> and RFCOMM should be ok for BE systems. I haven't cheked SDP for now. I
> tested the stack between a PC and a PowerPC system. The only problems I
> have seem to be caused by my old firmware inside my Bluetooth modules. I
> can do PPP over RFCOMM when the stack on the BE system is running in
> user mode.
> It is possible that I missed some changes. So please, test ... test ...
> test it.
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