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RE: [bluetooth-dev] [PATCH] USB Bluetooth driver patch

> hello, i am facing the same problem as u mentioned, after turned on
> the BTBUGGYHARDWARE, the bt module can be unplugged, but i cannot
> establish the rfcomm connection. i have tried out the fix u provided,
> but it doesn't work for me :(. is it just add this "if (!bluetooth ||
> !bluetooth->active) { return; }"  under the "exit:"? any other changes
> i have to make??

Get the latest stack from CVS or use 08012001 version. Undefine
BTBUGGYHARDWARE, apply the patch and possibly merge other fixes from newer
USB driver (included with 2.4.3pre kernels).

Good luck Liu!

Mikko Rahkonen <rahkomi@xxxxxxx.fi>

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