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[bluetooth-dev] Current version in CVS


I checked out current version from CVS and compiled it in RedHat 7.0 with
Linux 2.4.2. I loaded bt-modules and started btd - zapp! My computer
crashed! I tried with user-level stack but I get some errors:

process_return_param, ROLE_DISCOVERY: BT SYS: ERROR :process_return_param,
ROLE_DISCOVERY: Unknown HCI command
BT SYS: l2cap channel (66,64) [SDP] connected
... etc.

My client is Palm Vx and I use Tactels Sword in server. In Palm, I get
error 'Bluetooth timeout(0x803C).

BTW, your init_env is designed only for bash and I'm using tcsh... and
stack still needs modifications to Makefile (...modversions.h).

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