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Re: [bluetooth-dev] serial protocol?

Patrick Clauberg wrote:

> Hi,
> when doing BT over the UART, is there any serial protocol being used?


> as far as I figured out, the data directly goes to the serial device via
> sent = sertty->driver.write(sertty, 0, data, len);
> in the bt_write_lower_driver in bluetooth.c


> so, if I had to implement a simple serial protocol, like a small header and
> ACK/NAK mechanism, where would I preferably do this?

Offhand I can think of three places to do this:

1. The line discipline routines of bluetooth.c
2. A custom serial driver
3. Another tty layered between bluetooth and the standard serial driver

Take a look at linux/drivers/char/tty_io.c to see how the tty drivers and the
line disciplines work. That should help you decide.

> btw: I can't seem to find the definitio for the tty_struct, so where is the
> implementation?



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