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[bluetooth-dev] my branch

I've started a new branch in CVS. I'm mainly using this branch to work
on hci.c. The work I'm doing has the following goals:

1. Make hci smaller
2. Make hci's size configurable (i.e, let people choose not to compile
in code to support HCI commands they don't care about on their platform)

3. Find & fix bugs

The current branch has some radical changes to HCI, and I haven't had a
chance to test it well. The HCI inquiry hang appears to be fixed, and
general communication with the card appears to work.

I've managed to reduce hci's compiled size (on an x86) from 20k to 17k.
If you configure out HCI inquiry you will retrieve an additional 1k. Not
much, eh? If people have suggestions for making it smaller let me know.
I'll continue making the other HCI commands configurable in or out. The
basic commands necessary to function will always remain in.

If you want to check out my branch instead of the main one (and I
encourage people to try it) then use the -r option and specify the
branch BRANCH-gmcnutt_0. For example:

cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@xxxxxxx.net:/cvsroot/openbt
co -r BRANCH-gmcnutt_0 <modulename>

Once you have checked out the branch into your working directory, if you
do updates you will automatically pull in the latest changes on that
branch. I ask other developers to please not commit on my branch unless
they first run their changes by me. Likewise, from now on before I merge
to the main branch I'll confer with other developers about my changes.
That way I can stop breaking Peter's system ;).


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