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[bluetooth-dev] the flow of hci commands

When a command which need to reponse a 'command complete event'  is sent,
the stack is pended  until the corresponding 'command complete event'  is received by host. Is it right?
In axis blutooth stack, a 'command status event' also release the command timer.
Assume that a command which need no response a 'command complete event' and a command which need a response of a 'command complete event'  are sent in the order and the stack is pended. If a 'command status event' corresponding the first command is received by host and the timer which is started by the second command,
what is happen??? ( I think some error appear.......I don't know exactly.)
And at page 532 in spec I saw the following words "When the Host Controller completes most of the commands, a Command Complete event is sent to the Host.". In the sentence, what does the " most of the commands" mean exactly? 
I think two possible meanings. One is "most of the hci commands" and the other is "most of the commands waiting for TXing through air in the host controller". Let me know the exact meaning.
Dong Kyoo Kim