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Re: [bluetooth-dev] my branch

i am running kernel 2.2.18 on redhat.

my bt hw is ericsson p3d with p9a firmware.

and yes, i get a time out waiting. see below:

[root@pc-3581 bin]# btd -r client
Bluetooth Control Application
Running as client
Physdev /dev/ttyS0, btdev /dev/ttyBT0, speed 115200 baud
Registered bluetooth line discipline on /dev/ttyS0
Init stack
Setting write_scan_enable in Ericsson module!
Setting event filter in Ericsson module!
Setting baudrate in Ericsson module!
Now entering cmd line mode

  inq <Max number of responses> (inquiry scan) 
  rf_conn <xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx> <srv ch> <line>
  rf_send <nbr bytes> <nbr repeats> <line>
  rf_disc <line>
  rf_wait <line>
  me <1/0>
  setbd <xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx>
  role_switch <xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx> <role> (0=master, 1=slave)
> inq 10 10
Inquiry: Resource temporarily unavailable
[root@pc-3581 bin]# 

Mar 21 17:00:09 pc-3581 kernel: BT SYS: Now 2 open fd:s for ttyBTC
Mar 21 17:00:09 pc-3581 kernel: BT (driver) bt_ioctl: forwarding ioctl
0x540b to serial driver
Mar 21 17:00:09 pc-3581 kernel: BT (driver) bt_flush_buffer
Mar 21 17:00:09 pc-3581 kernel: BT (driver) bt_ioctl: HCINQUIRY
Mar 21 17:00:12 pc-3581 kernel: cmd_timeout, Timeout when waiting for
command response
Mar 21 17:00:12 pc-3581 btd: Shutting down bluetooth stack

then it's gone...

Gordon McNutt wrote:
> Jan Beutel wrote:
> > gordon,
> >
> > your branch is missing the file
> > /apps/bluetooth/BluetoothPN/fltk/lib/libtoggletree.a
> >
> Hm... I seem to be missing the whole fltk/lib directory. Wonder how that
> happened.
> >
> > apart from that i still have problems getting the hciinquiry back to
> > operation using your latest branch.... i will let you know what i can
> > find out.
> >
> Ok. I'd at least expect you to time out waiting. Can you tell me your kernel
> version?
> --gmcnutt

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