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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Kernel mode init problem for ver 2.2.14

On Wed, Mar 21, 2001 at 02:55:32PM +0100, Stefan Thomasson wrote:
> In 2.2.18 module_init is defined in  linux/init.h as:
> #define module_init(x) \
>     int init_module(void) __attribute__((alias(#x))); \
>     extern inline __init_module_func_t __init_module_inline(void) \
>     { return x; }
> So I do think kernels less than 2.2.18 should also have it defined...

Due to some security problems, I wouldn't recommend anyone using
anything less than 2.2.18.  Actually less than 2.2.19-pre9 or so due to
the sysctl bug that was found.

Also the vm has gotten a _lot_ better in 2.2.19-preX so I recommend
using that one based on that problem alone.

I don't know what the maintainers want to do for support of older kernel
versions, but I wouldn't recommend it, relying on individual users who
are forced to use an older kernel version to do any backporting that
they need to themselves.  That's what we do for the USB project,
otherwise handling all of the little changes between the different
kernel versions can quickly mess up the code and drive you insane :)

imho of course :)


greg k-h

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