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[bluetooth-dev] linking against axis stack, and ericsson firmware

I have a couple questions....

1) I want to write a program which uses l2cap directly.  test.c provides
a good skeleton example of how to set up an l2cap client app, but I am
completely stumped as to how to correctly link the client program.  I
am running the jan 8 2001 stack on 2.2.18 i386 in kernel mode.  I
include the axis headers (l2cap.h, for example) and then call l2ca_* and
l2cap_ functions in my code.  The resulting code compiles fine but there
is no library to link against; the l2ca* functions are implemented in
the kernel module.  I am not very knowledgable about this kind of thing,
but I'm assuming that a user program (my client app) cannot call straight 
into the running kernel, so what mechanism is used to service
these function calls?  It looks like most HCI stuff is done using ioctl
for kernel mode, but l2cap functions aren't set up this way.  If I were
write a main function for it, what would I need to do to compile and
link test.c as an autonomous program?

2) My bluetooth modules are made by ericsson, with p3d on the shield and p9a 
firmware.  I have seen references on this list to buggy ericsson
firmware, and to a newer version (p9b) that can be obtained.  Where can I 
get this firmware update?

Hope my questions aren't too primitive, I just can't seem to figure this
out.  Any help will be appreciated...

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