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RE: [bluetooth-dev] Bluetooth qualification

Title: RE: [bluetooth-dev] Bluetooth qualification


You probablly need to talk to your BQB about this as there is still some interpretation of the PRD that has been resolved with the BQBs recently that affect the statement you heard at CeBIT.

The main issue is that is the stack has been qualified for a particular OS and CPU does not automatically mean that it is qualified for the same OS on a different CPU, and vice-versa!

Qualification applies to ALL layers of the stack.

The idea of the stack being a 'precertified component' is only appropriate if you are buying an alomost complete stack solution from a vendor that only needs modification to implment the behaviour/features your product needs. :(

Otherwise you need to prepare yourself to go through the whole BQB Qualification process!


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I hear that there was at least one lecturer at CeBit warning the OpenBT
would be costly to qualify compared to other stacks.

What are the issue regarding Bluetooth Qualification for users of the OpenBT

Does Qualification apply to layers above the HCI?

Will products using closed implementations of BT stack have an advantage
over those using OpenBT in the qualification process?


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