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[bluetooth-dev] PPP MTU problems


I'm runing a setup that looks like this:

* Embedded Linux system with Ericsson Bluetooth USB device
* Windows 98 computer with Digianswer Bluetooth USB device

I successfully establish a PPP connection between the two devices.
(This involves setting up a Microsoft Direct Cable Connection on a
virtual serial port on the Windows PC.) I can then telnet from the
Windows PC to the Linux system.

So far so good.

The problem is that the connection only works as long as the Linux box
only transmits PPP frames that are shorter than 128 bytes; longer
frames seem to reach the Windows PC, but are discarded there.

Here are the details:

* If I set the "mtu 128" parameter on the PPP server in the Linux box,
  things work fine.

* If I use default settings, the Linux box will try to transmit frames
  that are longer than 128 bytes.

  - Using a USB tracer on the Windows PC, I can see that the long
    frames actually arrive complete and correct at the receiving end.

  - Using Microsoft's Network Monitor on the Windows PC, I can see
    that the long frames are ignored by the PPP client.

Is this normal behavior? There doesn't seem to be any MTU negotiation
on the PPP connection. Reconfiguring the IP packet size on the Windows
PC does not change the behavior.

Any ideas?

Claus Tondering

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