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Re: [bluetooth-dev] re: some coding questions....

Sami Kibria wrote:

> hello everyone...it has been along time since i have sent out a
> message...anyways, i hope everyone is good
> well here is my issue, i am looking at the bluetooth.c code, and i have two
> questions to ask:
> a. when we are wanting to pass data over the serial interface i noticed that we
> do an open on that interface (ie /dev/ttyS0), and then, why would we require
> additional tty's, that is what is the point of opening a /dev/ttyBTC (or
> BT_CTRL_TTY) and a /dev/ttyBT0 (DEFAULT_BT_DEV)?
> b. isn't it enough just to open the /dev/ttyS0 and pass the data along that
> line and then the bluetooth module should do something with the data??? or are
> all the above tty's linked somehow so that the bluetooth driver knows what to
> do with the data it self (does that make any sense???)
> thanks

The bluetooth driver is indeed 'linked' on top of the serial driver within the
kernel. This way all data to and from the serial port passes through the Bluetooth


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