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Re: [bluetooth-dev] PPP MTU problems

Wong Hoi Tung <ee_wht@xxxxxxx.hk> writes:

> Hi,
> it is so interested to set up ppp connection using Axis stack between
> Linux and Windows. i am using Bluetooth Starter Kit. i am very interested
> in your system. could you tell us the details how to set up the system?
> How can you initialize the Kit in windows? That's challenging!!!
> Best Regards,
> Raymond

I'm not sure I understand your question. I'm not using the Axis stack
on the Windows PC; there I'm using Digianswer's Bluetooth stack, and
I've simply followed their instruction manual to set things up. I'm
using the Axis stack on the Linux device, running on top of the
bluetooth USB driver that comes with Linux version 2.4.

Is this what you wanted to know?

Anyway, I believe that I've solved my MTU problem. I tried using a
Windows PC with a PCMCIA Bluetooth card instead of the USB Bluetooth
device, and then things worked fine! My guess is that I've come across
a problem in Digianswer's USB driver.

Claus Tondering

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