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[bluetooth-dev] direct l2cap access in kernel mode

Hello again, I posted a question a while back and I have since learned
a lot more, but still have an issue I'd like someone close to the stack 
development to address.

For my application, I need to access the l2cap layer directly; I have no 
need for features added by RFCOMM or higher layers.  I also need to allow 
multiple devices to access the bluetooth interface simultaneously, so I will 
need to use the stack in kernel mode.  As it sits in cvs (as of a few days 
ago when I last updated), the OpenBT stack does not allow direct access to 
L2CAP when running in kernel mode.  Do you intend to add support for this 
eventually?   When the stack was designed, what provisions were made to 
support direct L2CAP layer access?  I am currently in the process of adding 
this support by adding new ioctl calls, however this seems like a 
less-than-optimal solution; in order to retrieve events (*_ind and *_cfm 
events), my l2cap client app will have to make blocking ioctl calls.  This 
just doesn't seem like an application that the ioctl interface is well 
suited for.  I'd really appreciate hearing other developers' thoughts on 
this and getting an idea of how the designers of the stack envisioned the 
l2cap kernel mode interface.  Thanks.

Eric M.
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