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[bluetooth-dev] development support


the idea of making an open source code is absolutely great. This urged me to
think about writing my own software. Is it possible that you could give me
some support like flow charts/diagrams of the software or something similar?
So that I can get an idea of how structuring the HCI layer and creating HCI
drivers. The software I want to write is part of my diploma work which I'm
doing here at Siemens. As a first step I would like to set up a data link
just using the HCI layer connected to a complete Bluetooth module over
RS-232. Do you think this is possible to ignore the higher layers? I would
be very happy if I could create a link just using the HCI layer and a
surface written probably in Tcl/Tk. I would be really grateful for any help
you could hand to me!!! Thank you very much for your help!!! 

   Martin Lindner
      AT BE DI T14
      Siemens Automotive Systems

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