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[bluetooth-dev] Null modem communication in Bluetooth Linux

Dear all:

            I am a student and works in final year 
project of " Null modem  communication between  2
linux pc". Red Hat Linux 6.0 is installed in this two
pc. I decompress " Bluetooth_20001115.tgz " and follow
" readme " file to install " bt.o " without any
bluetooth device.
Note: use serial port of pc to communicate through
null modem cable only!
            " btdconfig.h "  in bluetooth file is
changed to enable " #define HCL_EMULATION " and set "
#define HW_DEFAULT NOINIT " before compilation. "
btd.h " is also changed in " #define HW_DEFAULT NO

           However,when I key in command : #./btd -b
/dev/ttyBT0 -m
PC enter into the command menu.Then I key in :
 > inq

Result :PC is no respone (look like hang up)
Please tell me why?

          Then I exit this command program and enter
command menu again. Then I key in :
> Current BD address 00:00:00:00:00:00
          key in command:
>setbd 11:22:33:44:55:66
resetting hw to activate bd change
close device
close device
Running as server
Physical /dev/ttyS0,btdev /dev/ttyBT0 
speed 115200 baud
Opening dev /dev/ttyS0
Initiating physical driver
Initiating Ericsson HW
Registered bluetooth line discipline on /dev/ttyS0
Opening dev /dev/ttyBTC
Open_device: Device or resource busy

    Then the commend menu is exited and normal linux
text command. Please tell me what I  get any wrong
operation .
    When I delete all bluetooth files after I
operation above the process. Then I recompile the
bluetooth  file and when I key in command:

#make dev  
mknod -m 0666/dev/ttyBT0 C124 0
mknod: /dev/ttyBT0: File exists
make: ***[devs] Error 1

    Is it Ok or not? Is it required to clean and how
to clean?

          According to " Readme " file , please reply
the following question:

1)What is stack?
2) What is the meaning and differenence between Kernel
mode and User mode in bluetooth application?
    In my case what mode is suitable to me if ppp may
use in later time?

3) " inq ( inquiry scan) " is a command.
a) What is the meaning of " (inquiry scan)" in inq
b) How to enter correct parameter if required?     

4) " rf_conn <xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx> <srv ch> <line>"
a) What is the meaning of <srv ch>-server channel?
b) What is the meaning of <line>?
c) How to enter correct parameter if required?

5) "rf_send <nbr bytes> <nbr repeat> <line>
a) what is the meaning of <nbr bytes> & <nbr repeat>?
b) How to enter correct parameter if required?

6) In my case,how to link up two linux pc ?
7) How to set local ip & remote ip?

      I think my questions  may be  too simple for
other. However, please help me!


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