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[bluetooth-dev] A question about RFCOMM macro definition in the axis stack?

 Hi, everybody.

 When i read rfcomm.c in the axis bluetooth stack, I got a little confused.
In the rfcomm.c:
   /* The values in the type field in a multiplexer command packet */
   #define TEST 0x8
   #define FCON 0x28
   #define FCOFF 0x18
   #define MSC 0x38
   #define RPN 0x24
   #define RLS 0x14
   #define PN 0x20
   #define NSC 0x4

   /* Define of some V.24 signals modem control signals in RFCOMM */
   #define FC 0x2
   #define RTC 0x4
   #define RTR 0x8
   #define DV 0x80

I wonder if these definitions are based on TS 07.10. If they are based on the TS07.10, 
I found that there is some difference between the two definition.
for example, in the TS07.10, the type field of Test Command (Test):

         Bit 1   2   3  4  5  6  7  8
             EA  C/R 0  0  0  1  0  0
Does this matter in the implementaion of the protocol stack?

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