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[bluetooth-dev] l2cap clients must register local psm?

I have found a problem with the implementation of l2cap.  In order
for an application to communicate with the l2cap layer, the app must
be registered as an upper layer with l2cap_register_upper().  The
parameters to this function are a protocol_layer structure which
specifies a bunch of callback functions and a psm.  This structure
is added to a list of upper layers, and when an event is receieved,
the list is searched by psm and the correct callback is called.  The
problem with this is that some applications will not want to register
a local psm.  They will just want to grab a local cid and open a
connection to a remote psm.  These applications have no way of
getting event notification from the l2cap layer, because they cannot
register as an upper layer without specifying a local psm.  This is
not consistent with the expected l2cap behavior; upper layers should
have the ability to be referenced by local cid.  I have an idea of
how to fix this; do you all agree that it is a real problem?


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