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[bluetooth-dev] hci_receive_data after "readbd"


could pls anybody tell me, what the hci_receive_data should be like after a 
readbd command?

I get 13 bytes which are discarded

hci_receive_data,  (13) 
Apr  2 11:41:21 ds18 kernel: 
   0x04 0x0e 0x0a 0x04 0x09 0x10 0x00 0x4b 0x4f 0x6f 0x03 0xe0 0x00  
Apr  2 11:41:21 ds18 kernel: hci_receive_data, hci-13 
Apr  2 11:41:21 ds18 kernel: BT SYS: ERROR :hci_receive_data, Discarding 13
bytes and waiting forever... 
Apr  2 11:41:24 ds18 kernel: cmd_timeout, Timeout when waiting for command

0x04 -> HCI_EVENT
0x0e -> COMMAND_COMPLETE envent
0x0a -> parameter length
0x04 -> num hci command packets
0x09 -> OCF of READBD ADDR
0x10 -> OGF of informational parameters
0x00 -> status succeeded
0x4b 0x4f 0x6f 0x03 0xe0 0x00 -> my BD Address

is there anything wrong with this?


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