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Re: [bluetooth-dev] What about DNS of an LAN-connectionless BT device?

On Mon, 2 Apr 2001, Matthias Fuchs wrote:
> You probably will get an IP from the device. But
> how the the (stupid) user know the IP address to enter in his URL field
> ? A solution would be a kind of small embedded DNS server inside the
> Bluetooth device ??? Any idea ? Problem clear ?

Yeah welcome to the reality of smart IP technology and dumb users. :)

Yes you can put a dummy DNS server which replies the box'es IP to any
query, and give out that DNS server in the PPP connection headers.

It's not ultimate though; apart from smart IP and dumb users you also have
dumb Windows to battle - if the user already has a DNS-server configured
and is currently using, say, an ethernet card, what do you do ? The PPP
connection over bluetooth is not going to take precedence over the
ethernet configuration.

The solution I've seen in most web-configured devices is to simply write
clearly in the manual "Enter in your web-browser".

You can of course setup the ipchains (2.2) or netfilter (2.4) rules to do
a translation of all packets coming in through pppX to certain ports to
the bluetooth "server". This won't fix the case with the ethernet card
though. And you'd still need the dummy DNS server (the browser will still
want to resolve the "joesixpack" which the user wrote in the browser and
believed it would work)..


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