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[bluetooth-dev] Problems setting up Openbt 0.0.2


I have some question about the stack and using PPP.

My computer have the following equipment.
Redhat Linux 7.0
OpenBT 0.0.2 with updates on ..../experimental from CVS.
(in kernel mode I guess because using insmod bt.o)
At the moment Ericsson BT chip.

1) When using Btd I really wounder how the correct connections is done for 
setting up a PPP link. There have been many different solutions here on the 

I have tried several of them and the program often get stuck in a loop with 
"BT_waitling_got connection" , "wait for a connection on line0" ....


2) When I try to use Btdm I only get segmentation fault.
Is this depending on that I am using old ericsson chips? , will the problem 
get solved by using CSR multipoint chip?

3) How do I set up the PPP link when using BTDm on the server?
Is it right to use Bti, rf_conn and pppd /dev/ttyBT0 ?
I dont need to use IPA, right? If I wish to, where can I get it?

4) Should Bti return to the prompt? My hangs but with the chip works?

5) Btinq totally crash? Is this because of using Ericsson chip?

Looking forward to some help.

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