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AW: [bluetooth-dev] SDP Server and $PATH variable

> By nothing happens, do you mean that the prompt returns or not?
> If the prompt does not reappear (as it should not do), the
> sdp_server should be running as expected. Otherwise I do not
> know what is happening.

yes, the prompt does not reappear ! so sdp_server ist running !
> I cannot see any reason why btd should not be able to start
> sdp_server if you can do it manually from the prompt.

so I can start the sdp_server manually
but the btd returns: sdp_server: no such file or directory !

What I am doing wrong ??

I can compile the stack without any errors,
I can install the applications,
I can insert the module in the kernel,
I can run the sdp_server !

I also tested two Linux Distributions (SuSE and RedHat)
and both show the same behavior !

Is there any basic thing I can do wrong ???

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