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[bluetooth-dev] Local Board Gets Remote Board Address

We seem to have a problem with the Axis Bluetooth stack and Ericsson boards
whereby the address of a board connected to a PC via RS232 seems to be being
set to that of a remote board.

After downloading the 20010108 tarball of the B/T stack and installing it on
a box running Linux kernel 2.2.16, we connected one of the Ericsson boards
to it over RS232. Somewhere in the process of establishing that we could
generate inquiries and connections and detect responses in the master role,
and respond to inquiries and connect requests in the client role, we
discovered that the Ericsson board that was physically connected to the PC
had had its board address changed to one that was the same as that of
another Ericsson board that was within range of the radio link at the time.

We understand that we can change the board address of an Ericsson board that
is physically connected to the PC, but we don't understand how it could be
set to that of a remote board whose address was unknown to the operator.

Can this be? I've been looking through the source code for the daemon and
the stack, and all I've been able to find is an HCI event processor that
handles the board address change event.

Any help or pointers to a solution will be appreciated.

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