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[bluetooth-dev] need help.about ericsson starter's kits

I have the Ericsson Starter’s kits. I am learning the new technology through the kits. Now I have some questions. Could you give me some help?
First of all, I want to tell you my understanding about the development kits. The main purpose(software part) of the kits, the software and all the documents, is to let the designers know well about the processes of establishing the connection as well as which events happened after HCI commands were sent out. In other words, I can master the HCI interfaces through the software. After that, I was wondering what I should do next step. In addition, I want to know how to use the files provided in the folder bt_cmd_proc like Link_Policy_Commands.h , Link_Policy_Commands.cpp , Link_Control_commands.h , Link_Control_commands.cpp and so on. My understanding is that what I should do next step is to use all the .h and .cpp files to implement the L2CAP ,SDP and RFCOMM if I want to develop the applications. Is that right?
If the above is right I want to know how long it will take to implement all the levels above HCI. Is it realistic for a beginner . Could you give me a reference.
I have another question. If I want to make a printer have the bluetooth function, Is RTOS (Real Time Operate System) necessary? the starter kits can help me achieve the goal.
Thanks in advance!

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