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[bluetooth-dev] matthias.fuchs@xxxxxxx.com


I have the same experience that you have.

When PPP dies, there is a part in the code where the IPA releases the IP 
adress. If this IPA command takes some time before getting back to 
discover_connection it is possible to disconnect the rf_channel.

In my little test application I have simply removed IPA and added a sleep 
command so the client can disconnect the rf_channel before getting back to 
By the way I think i should be possible to add a disconnect command after it 
returns the IP, instead of letting the client disconnect.

When you are usning BTDm. Do you know a solution of Master/slave switch? 
When running btdm on server and btd on the client and trying to make a 
master/slave switch I get "role switch not allowed"

/Lars Olsson


I build my own bluetooth application based on btdm (experimental stuff).
I set up an rfcomm connection an pppd is started without problems. When
the client disconnects, pppd gets a hangup signal and terminated. Then
the function discover_connections checks for new connections. Here is my
problem: It attemps to start the pppd again on the line that just
disconnected. bt_isconnected is still true !

Is this normal behavior ? How do I have to disconnect to get the line
back to idle state ?


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