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Re: [bluetooth-dev] disconnecting problem

Hi Lars,

Lars Olsson wrote:
> I have the same experience that you have.
> When PPP dies, there is a part in the code where the IPA releases the IP
> adress. If this IPA command takes some time before getting back to
> discover_connection it is possible to disconnect the rf_channel.
I think its not enough just to disconnect rfcomm.
> In my little test application I have simply removed IPA and added a sleep
> command so the client can disconnect the rf_channel before getting back to
> discover_connection.
> By the way I think i should be possible to add a disconnect command after it
> returns the IP, instead of letting the client disconnect.
Yes I tried this, but the server still restarts pppd because
bt_isconnected still returns true.
I need to disconnect whatever, but bt_isconnected must return false !

Other idea ?

> When you are usning BTDm. Do you know a solution of Master/slave switch?
> When running btdm on server and btd on the client and trying to make a
> master/slave switch I get "role switch not allowed"
I have no multipoint hardware. SO I cannot help you with this point. I
am only using btdm as skeleton !


BTW: Why did you change the subject to my email address ?

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