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Re: [bluetooth-dev] RE: free-unix device drivers for digianswer pc cards

>>>>> "Antony" == Antony C Roberts <acr@xxxxxxx.com> writes:

    Antony> I have personally decided to produce driver support for
    Antony> our cards under Linux but I'm doing it under the realistic
    Antony> market-driven conditions that a profit-making concern
    Antony> dictates. My interest, and that of my company, is to drive
    Antony> Bluetooth forward, not Linux. If this is the kind of
    Antony> reaction I can expect from the Linux community, then I
    Antony> might as well just save myself the headache and quit now -
    Antony> this would certainly not affect Digianswers profits or
    Antony> strategy in any way. Which would you prefer: a closed
    Antony> driver for the only widely available hardware or no driver
    Antony> at all?

Good, please make a driver for your hardware.

    Antony> I am not trying to start a holy war here and I certainly
    Antony> don't have the time to partake in one but Digianswer is a
    Antony> company - it exists to make money and has a well defined
    Antony> strategy for doing this. Giving away source code to the
    Antony> general public at this point is not part of that strategy
    Antony> and would on the contrary negatively affect that strategy.

We don't want your software.  We want specs on your hardware so that
we can write our own drivers for your hardware.

That is the main problem, get our hands on hardware specs that's not
faulty.  Then we can write open source drivers for hardware that could
be moved to other operating systems (like NetBSD, HURD etc).

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