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RE: [bluetooth-dev] RE: free-unix device drivers for digianswer pc cards

>     Antony> I am not trying to start a holy war here and I certainly
>     Antony> don't have the time to partake in one but Digianswer is a
>     Antony> company - it exists to make money and has a well defined
>     Antony> strategy for doing this. Giving away source code to the
>     Antony> general public at this point is not part of that strategy
>     Antony> and would on the contrary negatively affect that strategy.

> We don't want your software.  We want specs on your hardware so that
> we can write our own drivers for your hardware.

I think I've quite understood that point, thank you. I'll reiterate. We ARE
NOT releasing the specs for the hardware. At this point that information is
considered proprietary and confidential. I thought I explained that pretty
well in my last response. Digianswer is only willing to provide binary
driver support for Linux.

Antony C. Roberts (acr@xxxxxxx.com),
Technical Lead, PC Software
Project Coordinator, Windows CE

Digianswer A/S, Skalhuse 5, Nibe, DK-9240, DENMARK. Tel: 96 71 00 00

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