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RE: [bluetooth-dev] l2cap clients must register local psm?

> > From: Eric M [mailto:x101110101101@xxxxxxx.com]
> > Sent: den 2 april 2001 06:33
> > To: bluetooth-dev@xxxxxxx.com
> > Subject: [bluetooth-dev] l2cap clients must register local psm?
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> >
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> > I have found a problem with the implementation of l2cap.  In order
> > for an application to communicate with the l2cap layer, the app must
> > be registered as an upper layer with l2cap_register_upper().  The
> > parameters to this function are a protocol_layer structure which
> > specifies a bunch of callback functions and a psm.  This structure
> > is added to a list of upper layers, and when an event is receieved,
> > the list is searched by psm and the correct callback is called.  The
> > problem with this is that some applications will not want to register
> > a local psm.  They will just want to grab a local cid and open a
> > connection to a remote psm.  These applications have no way of
> > getting event notification from the l2cap layer, because they cannot
> > register as an upper layer without specifying a local psm.  This is
> > not consistent with the expected l2cap behavior; upper layers should
> > have the ability to be referenced by local cid.  I have an idea of
> > how to fix this; do you all agree that it is a real problem?
> No I don't... what is the purpose and what is your idea to modify the code ?
> brgds
> /Mattias


I see a problem here too.
What about a printer server which offers the service at a given PSM to
indicat which service (in the example a printer) the user looks for? So
a client wants to connect to that PSM without offering a printing
service himself (maybe he don't even have a printer connected). Why
should the client then register a local PSM?

It is also not (yet?) possible to connect to a server on an other PSM
than one locally registered


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