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[bluetooth-dev] SDP service Error

	 i am using openbt 0.0.1. i found a problem when executing the
stack in server side. One of the problem is that after starting the btd
application, "sdp_server: no such file or directory" message showed out. i
tried to echo the path and set a symbolic link to /usr/local/bin in
/usr/sbin/ directory. However, i failed to debug. 

Are there anybody solve this problem?

Another problem is that when i start sdp_server on the server side, i
tried to use sdp request from the client side, then the followng message
showed out:
process_service_attr_req, packet len shorter than actual packet
lengthlen:15 cur_pos:37

Are there anybody what's the problem?

That's important for me to solver the problem.



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