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[bluetooth-dev] problem encountered when sending large packets

hello, i am using the 20001115 stack (under user mode) and usb to connect
the bt module and the host pc. 

after i setup the connection, i use rf_send to send packets across the
bluetooth connection. when the pakcet size is small (not more than 512
bytes), it works fine. however, when i increase the packet size to 1024
bytes, problem occurs.

from the usb analyzer, i can see that at the sender side, the host pc has
sent the data to the bluetooth module. but at the receiver side, it only can
receive one or two pakets, and then stops there.

the acl buffers of the bluetooth module at the sender side are occupied,
therefore, the sender cannot send data any more.

anybody encounters the same problem? any idea?
your help will be appreciated.

best regards,
liu yong

system info:
redhat 6.2 (2.2.18)
bt firmware version: p12a

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